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Roswell, GA 30075
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M - F: 10am to 6pm
Sat: 10am to 3pm
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Hey Matt! Stephanie Wolfe here - you helped me a few weeks ago with a very time sensitive issue for our home renovation? I got that grey tile vinyl for our mudroom and you loaded it into my SUV for me.

Anyway, I really enjoyed meeting y'all and was hugely impressed with your service, professionalism & friendliness but most importantly - you weren't pushy at all and I very much appreciated that.

Then I got this awesome thank you card in the mail last week! As if I wasn't impressed enough! I NEVER do this, but I did an Instagram post showing the card and your business card as well, just telling all my followers how HUGELY impressed I was with y'all and referring them to you for any needs they might have. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate working with a company who DOES IT RIGHT and treats people well. So much so that I shamelessly plugged your company to all of my followers...hahaha! I hope it may create business for you. I love to support locals whenever I can.

Anyway - just wanted to give you the feedback. Y'all have an awesome day! Tell the bird I said HI. TWEET TWEET!




We love our new carpet. The guys did a great job! Best ever!

Thanks so much. We will we using you again for sure.

It is so unexpected to get such great customer service.
Claudia and Steve Ludlow



I hope you're having a good week! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a fine job your carpet installers did on Saturday!!! Not only did they battle the freezing weather but they were polite and courteous and did an outstanding job with moving furniture and putting things back in order. I can't say enough good things about the operation from start to finish, not only in the process of picking out carpet but scheduling and the final outcome. The new carpet looks great!!!!! I will refer anyone who needs carpet to you guys.
Thanks again!!

Ellen Badnin



Carpet Depot has installed carpeting in my home on three different occasions in the past year. The entire process from ordering to installation was a class act. Three different teams of installers did the work. They all were punctual, fast, accurate, and polite. They did not scratch one piece of furniture or my newly-painted walls. I am impressed.

Suzanne Willis



I just wanted to tell you that we love the carpet! Everything went great with the installation. Ray and his crew did a beautiful job. They were courteous, organized and careful with moving all the furniture. We were very pleased and impressed with the way you worked with us and did everything that you had promised. When it is time to replace the carpet at our lake house we will be contacting you. Thank you for a great job!

The Sheehans



Thank you so much to Edgar and Carpet Depot. Everything was wonderful! From the service when we first entered the store right up until the carpet layers finished the job and left everything spotless. We are thrilled with our carpet and got exactly what we wanted for nearly half the price of all the other quotes. Communication was excellent and installation was prompt and to a very high standard.

Thank you!
Buckhead, GA



Thanks Edgar for your follow-up and for resolving the color issue with our wood floor. They do look beautiful now! I know that people can make mistakes (I have certainly have made some) but always feel it is how they are handled that says what kind of person you are and what kind of business you're dealing with. You and Carpet Depot worked with us and made things right and now my wood floors look great too, just like my carpet!

Thanks again,
Michelle Zerkle



Hi Matt. I am so sorry for my delayed response. I have been traveling non-stop and was only home for Saturday and Sunday and then headed back out to the west coast. Thank you so much! I just wanted to say that our floors look absolutely outstanding and we couldn't be happier. They change the entire feeling and look of our upstairs. Your turnaround time was great and we appreciate you guys working around our schedules. Bryan (http://ramblinwreck.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/prince_bryan00.html) said your guys were professional and courteous. Hopefully you will get to come by and see them sometime soon, if to pick up the check or just to see them.

Thanks again!!

Tracy Prince



Edgar & Matt,

I reside in Tampa, Florida, however, our family owns a condo in your area. It was, after about 30 years, time for a serious upgrade. So, we scheduled a full week of our time to travel there and back to get the job done. Because of somewhat saturated TV marketing of a carpet company whose name is identical to that of a very tall building located in New York City, I scheduled an appointment on a Tuesday. Their representative showed-up on time and introduced himself. I told him we were going to rent the condo, that we wanted a frieze-style PET yarn over a 6 pound rebond pad and a higher-end vinyl flooring in certain areas.

He went about measuring the areas and in a short period of time came to me with his quotation. It exceeded $6,500.00 in total. I asked... 'What about the buy one room and get two free?' "Included", he said. I informed him that I was well aware of their 'sliding scale' of GP vs. commission. He responded in the 'car salesman' manner with....'what do I need to do to earn your business'. I laughed out loud and mentioned that sounds just like a car salesman. I then found that 14 months ago, that was his profession.

I told him I'd be in-touch and he departed the property. No business card, just the paper on which he computed his quote. Now time was of the essence. I had no idea where to turn but to the internet. There, I found Carpet Depot, the name struck me as inventive and a take-off of the national home improvement store at which I shop. I called, spoke with Edgar, told him what I wanted and gave him the quantities left me by the other sales person. Within minutes he comes back with a quote of $3,200.00 (to be confirmed upon his surveying the condo.)

I met him at his store, selected the products, which he stated they would be within my budget. We then proceeded to the condo. After measuring the areas involved, Edgar finalized his quote.....not as he stated prior to be $3,200.00....it was $3,290.00! How close can a real pro be? I gave him a deposit check, the place was painted prior and they installed the goods the following week.

A 100% job well done and I would recommend this firm to any and all!

Both Matt and Edgar are two of the finest in the business.

L. M. Fuettere and family



Carpet Depot is proud to have partnered with East Cobb's newest fitness offering "The Bar Method" by providing all or the flooring in their exquisite suite located outside of Merchants Walk

Congratulations to Melissa and Ashley on a job well done and to a prosperous future.

Carpet Depot - Bar Method Testimonial



To Future Customers,

On behalf of my family, two seniors in their 80s and a sister with Lou Gehrig's disease, I am writing to express our sincere "thank you" to Edgar Summerville, Matt and his work crew at Carpet Depot for helping my family get through a difficult time with a phony "contractor".

It seems to be a rare thing these days to find businesses that genuinely go out of their way to make a botched project come to a 100% satisfactory completion. Edgar went out of his way to help us get our carpet to complete the job that was vacated by our con man so that my parents could finally have some long-awaited pleasure to enjoy their home once again.

It is very difficult to work around our home as my sister is in an almost paralyzed condition, plus two elderly folks who can't leave the house much and so that adds to an enormous amount of extra conditions and precautions that have to be taken to install carpet on two floors. Carpet Depot installers were very patient with us and did a great, thorough job. When the con man failed to pay for the rest of the carpet for the two flights of open stairs, that's when Edgar stepped it up and we were able to get the stairs finished after months of failing to get the con man to perform. Needless to say, our con man's contractor days in Georgia should be coming to an end.

So, "thank you" to Edgar and the folks at the Roswell store for providing fantastic service, friendly advice and skilled men who know how to ge things done quickly but with nice detailed work and, also, for listening to me go on and on about our dealing with our con man.

Roswell is fortunate to have a better alternative that the "big box" stores to get great carpet (and nice padding) at fantastic prices. Keep up the great efforts and much continued success!

The Duffy Family
Roswell, GA



Hi Matt,
I wanted to sincerely thank you. First, the amazing crew you sent and their phenomenal workmanship they could not have done a better job, Mostly, thank you for all your patience working with me through my houses and helping me find exactly what I was looking for. Everyone has been so pleasant to work with and I know Mark has referred his business partner to you, but I hope to be able to return the favor and refer as many people your way as possible.
Have a great day!
Many thanks....Kim



That makes 3 of us! I highly recommend Matt Thomas of Carpet Depot. He has helped many of my friends in and out of Inverness. He is also active in the community and supports area entities.
Carol Cuviello



I agree. Matt is extremely honest too.
Suzanne T. Fink



Can't say enough good about Carpet Depot - great prices and service. They have many satisfied Inverness customers. Roswell location couldn't be any more convenient either - right off Oak Street near Krispy Kreme.
Susan Greene



My husband and I have been putting off replacing tile in two baths and replacing carpet on the second floor of our home for too long because we thought it would mean headaches, disruption and inconvenience of epic proportions. We couldn't have been more wrong, and now we're regretting not doing it much sooner. We had obtained quotes from several other companies and contacted Matt Thomas for the last quote based on a friend's recommendation. Matt is an absolute gem and was beyond a pleasure to work with. He was accessible, professional and delivered exactly what he promised he would. His installers (both tile and carpet) were efficient, courteous and most importantly, very good at their jobs. We could not be happier with the finished product and our experience with Matt and Carpet Depot. When it comes time to redo the main floor of our home, without question, Matt will be the one I call.



By Helen Borland / Staff

Carpet Depot is one of the newest companies in Roswell, and they are a welcome addition to the community. The warehouse style business is located behind the SoCa Design Center at 23-B Oak St. in Historic Roswell, across Oak St. from Krispy Kreme.

Owner Matt Thomas has deep roots in Roswell. He grew up in Horseshoe Bend and attended Florida State University, where he discovered two of his fraternity brothers had gone to Milton High School. The three young men decided to come back to the Atlanta area and establish a partnership. They chose the carpet business because one of the others had grown up in the industry and knew it inside and out. In 1992, the three friends opened the first Carpet Depot in Decatur. That venture was extremely successful, and over time the partners opened six other stores in the Atlanta area.

For years, Matt drove each day to the stores in other parts of the metro Atlanta region. He finally decided that since he and his family live in Roswell, he wanted to work in his own hometown store. Four months ago as the sole owner, Matt opened the doors of Carpet Depot Roswell where he now works every day. He still has part ownership in the Carpet Depots in Mableton, Douglasville, Snellville and Jonesboro, but managers run the day-to-day operations in those locations.

Matt is proud to let people know that Carpet Depot Roswell is "your personal, inexpensive option for floor covering." Carpet Depot Roswell has hundreds of rolls in stock and carries the entire range from cheap, discount renter's grade to high quality carpet from such makers as Mohawk, Shaw and Beaulieu. If customers can't find what they want in the spacious warehouse, Carpet Depot Roswell can place custom orders.

Carpet Depot Roswell also stocks beautiful hardwood, laminate, and vinyl flooring from such well-known manufacturers as Bruce, Mannington, Congoleum, Domco, and others. Their prices are so low because they get truckload closeout and wholesale deals from the manufacturers and pass the savings on to their customers. Matt tells it like it is. "We buy warehouse deals; anything the mills want to make a deal on. We can have the fanciest all the way down to the cheapest. We've got the full spectrum of quality."

Carpet Depot Roswell is open Monday - Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 3pm, but they are willing to stay late to help their customers. In addition to a friendly, knowledgeable staff to help patrons find exactly what they are looking for, they will set up installation by professional carpet and hard surface installers. Same day installation is available. Don't worry about how you're going to move the furniture; the installers can do it for you. If you want to install your own flooring, Carpet Depot Roswell can provide supplies for a DIY project. Financing is available. Free consultations are available by calling 678-682-3650. Visit their website, www.CarpetDepotRoswell.com to get a coupon worth up to 10% off the purchase of any flooring materials.



Hi, Edgar

first and foremost, THANK YOU immensely for taking such good care of me with your thoughtful and immediate response to my issue with that first carpet disaster. Your double crew worked incredibly quickly yesterday to get things done ... everything turned out great and they were all so eager to please. It's such a pleasure to get such a professional job handled without hassles. There were a couple of scratches on my (new) hardwood entry, so I do think it would be a good idea to tell the guys they should cover hardwoods if they are going to be storing some of the furniture there while they're working. They were minor scratches and I think I can hide them easily, so no big deal.

Would you be so kind as to send me a final order confirmation, showing the carpet that I finally did choose, the name of the pattern, the pricing, etc.? I like to keep things like that in my file for future reference if needed. Again, thanks so much to you, Matt and all the guys for a job well done and greatly appreciated. You will certainly get my recommendation should any of my friends have carpet needs in the future.

Barb Graham



I just wanted to let you know we are very, very happy with the carpet and installation. The crew was great and I was very impressed with their workmanship.

Let us know if we can be a reference for Carpet Depot. We will definitely spread the word.


Dan O'Shaughnessy



Hi Matt. I am so sorry for my delayed response. I have been traveling non-stop and was only home for Saturday and Sunday and then headed back out to the west coast. Thank you so much! I just wanted to say that our floors look absolutely outstanding and we couldn't be happier. They change the entire feeling and look of our upstairs. Your turnaround time was great and we appreciate you guys working around our schedules. Bryan (http://ramblinwreck.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/mtt/prince_bryan00.html) said your guys were professional and courteous. Hopefully you will get to come by and see them sometime soon, if to pick up the check or just to see them.

Thanks again!!

Tracy Prince



I want to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful service and excellent value in the carpet that my wife, Jane, and I purchased from Carpet Depot. We had shopped extensively at the usual outlets for carpet, and thought that we had found what we wanted for a price that seemed reasonable. Then I came across your ad in the yellow pages and decided to visit your store. You answered my questions and showed me the same product that I had selected at another store. The difference, however, was the price was 25% less and the carpet was in stock. Because the carpet was in stock, you were able to schedule the installation for the day that worked best for me. The day before our scheduled installation, you called to confirm that we were expecting your crew. That really gave us peace of mind. Your installation crew arrived the next day exactly at the time promised. They were neat, friendly and professional. They installed our new carpet in the time that you said that they would, and it looks beautiful. We can not be more satisfied with our purchase from Carpet Depot.

Continued success in the future,
Bruce and Jane Neidenfeuhr



For the last 7 years I have utilized the products of Carpet Depot for a plethora of services. Working with Matt Thomas has been both an educational and substantially satisfying experience. I initially hired Carpet Depot to install carpet for a 1200 sq ft basement with a recording studio in my previous home and was impressed by the carpet recommendation, padding and installation. Shortly after that experience I had an opportunity as a contracting consultant to completely rehab Southwest Hospital in Atlanta and again I called on Matt to provide all the tile and carpet for the entire hospital job. The job was done on time and within budget to the amazement of hospital administrators.

In the last 2 years I had Carpet Depot again replace and install all the carpet in 2 of my rental properties. Most recently, I started the construction of my 17,000 sq ft home. I called Matt to help select material, design 10 bathrooms and install approximately 5000 sq ft of travertine on the main floor, 5000 sq ft of 3.5 inch hardwood wood floors in the office and the 2nd floor, 4000 sq ft of tile on the terrace level, and approximately 3,000 sq ft of carpet in the theater and secondary bedrooms.

Without hesitation I highly recommend Carpet Depot and Matt Thomas for any job involving, tile, stone, carpet, or wood work. The service is exceptional, the quality of work is unmatched and the cost beats any of the major brands I've dealt with.

Don Dodds
Don Dodds



First off, let me start by saying I am one of three of his brothers. Matt did not have to compete for my business. However, he treated my wife and me like royalty. Previously, we went shopping at other locations just to see what was available. We then went to Matt with what we wanted and he selected the best fit for our needs out of his in-store inventory. We were shocked that it was so easy for him. His installers came in an applied 2,100 sf of carpet and hardwood in 6 hours. They even moved all of the big items for us as they went. This transaction occurred in the spring of 2005. It is now the spring of 2009 and we are still pleased with the carpet and the quality of installation.

Jon & Angie Thomas
Tucker, GA



I visited bigdaddycarpet.com and called the number listed for Carpet Depot. I had just bought a house and wanted to redo the flooring throughout. I called up Matt and told him my ideas. He came out to my house in South Carolina with samples and took measurements. He was able to provide better flooring at a much lower price than I could find in or around Columbia. He had his guys come up from Roswell and install carpet, tile, and hardwoods for me. I am very satisfied.

Cathy Mitchell
Irmo, SC



We got hooked up with Matt through a friend of mine in Atlanta. I called him up and really didn't tell him anything that I wanted as far a color or type. I just told him my price range. He mailed me a sample of something that he had on special in stock, that was well under my price range. This carpet was the thickest, plushest carpet I had ever felt. I sent him the measurements and he had his guys come down and install it for me. They did a great job. It was easy and cheap - what more can you ask for - Carpet Depot did us right!

Jimmy Mitchell
LaGrange, GA



Carpet Depot has replaced the carpet in my home on three different occasions (three different rooms). Each time the installers were friendly and courteous. They even helped me move some furniture to get ready for the installation. The prices were better than any other quote I received, I would definitely recommend them in the future.

Smyrna, GA



We have been working with Carpet Depot for almost 10 years now. They have been our exclusive flooring installer for all of our projects large and small. They work with our customers and help them select the flooring and then work with us to coordinate the installation. We always get great feedback from our clients about Carpet Depot's customer service and their installers are always respectful of our job-sites.

Laird McKee Properties, Inc.


Carpet Depot Locations

Carpet Depot has six locations at your service. We are on call to fulfill your discount carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl or linoleum flooring, and tile flooring sales and installation needs. Please call the discount carpet store listed below and nearest you, today!

Carpet Depot - Decatur

5014 Snapfinger Woods Dr
Decatur, GA 30035
(770) 987-2099

Carpet Depot - Douglasville
Carpet Depot - Douglasville

9425 Hwy 5
Douglasville, GA 30135
(770) 942-7600

Carpet Depot - Jonesboro
Carpet Depot - Jonesboro

8295 Tara Blvd
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Carpet Depot - Mableton
Carpet Depot - Mableton

302 Veterans Memorial Hwy SW
Mableton, GA 30126
(770) 732-0777

Carpet Depot - Roswell
Carpet Depot - Roswell

23-B Oak Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(678) 682-3650

Carpet Depot - Snellville
Carpet Depot - Snellville

2234-C Rawlins Street
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